Turning Road Base

Into Pavement

Leverage the Power of Lithification

Lithified Technologies US offers a customized solution with LithTec™ to elevate road base materials and native soils into a structural pavement core.

What sets LithTec™ apart is its ability to produce high strength in a road base, while maintaining elevated levels of resilience.

With a minimum performance of 400psi Unconfined Compressive Strength
(UCS) and 500,000psi Resilient Modulus (Mr), LithTec™ transforms road bases into strong, cost-effective elements with asphalt-like performance, reducing cross section designs and requirements for costly surface layers. 

The LithTec™ Effect

With just a 3% dosage of LithTec we are improving the strength of base course by as much as 2,000%, matching the strength and resiliency of asphalt. 

Geotechnical Report Lithified

Custom Solution                      For Every Road

When working with us, you will receive a comprehensive geotechnical report detailing exactly what LithTecwill bring to your specific project.

  • Battery of 8 geotechnical tests on your road samples
  • AASHTO and ASTM standards of testing
  • LithTec™ Treated and Untreated material testing
  • Test results provided for every LithTec project
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Delayed Set Times: With a set time of about  4-6 hours, LithTec™ gives installation crews plenty of time to treat, grade and compact the material. The product is well suited to maximizing the production for a single day’s shift and rapidly opening back up to traffic.
Mitigate High Material Costs with LithTec's Expert Solutions

Mitigate high material costs with LithTec’s value engineering

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Revolutionize Your Roadways

    Create a pavement structure with the equivalent performance characteristics to asphalt for a fraction of the cost. Dramatically reduce import and export by using LithTec to turn existing material into structural pavement layers.

    Cut your asphalt usage and extend your budget by taking advantage of LithTec value engineering.

      LithTecDesigns vs Traditional Designs

      Designs provided by 25 Year DOT Engineer – examples of designs when using
      LithTec™ compared to traditional methods. Equivalent performance in a reduced pavement design.

      Experience massive cost savings by minimizing expensive surface layers and utilizing in-situ materials.

      image of Revolutionize Your Roadways Cost-Effective