Joe West, Chaves County Road Operations Director, Roswell, NM installs Lithtec™ IN 2018

Joe West Reports in 2023, his Haul Road Results After 4.5 years LithTec™ was Installed

10 years of LithTec™ Road Solutions leading to many TV News Investigative Reports

What happens to LithTec™ Treated Base Material vs the Same Untreated Base Material?

Inspection of Roads Evaluated AFTER 4 Years Montecello, Utah

  • Video of 2 LithTec™ Roads Installed in 2018 showing their condition after 4 years in 2022:
    • 1st Road - Freezing temperature weather in the winter without frost/heave reaction in the Spring
    • ​2nd Road - A 1 mile dairy truck haul road that demonstrates LithTec's™ character of durability and sustainability
    • With over 450 40-ton Semis Daily over 4 years = 6 Billion, 750 Million car's miles of wear with no maintenance needed.
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5 Road Professional report their LithTec™ experiences

  • Video Includes Users Reports by:
    • Quay County, New Mexico
    • San Juan County, Utah
    • Chaves County, New Mexico
    • Navajo Nation
    • City of Sunland Park, Doña Ana County, NM

    All have installed LithTec Road Solution

  • https://youtu.be/29ucsQWVXpU

NBC/KLS TV NEWS reports how San Juan County Roads saved $1Million per mile with LithTec™

Video Includes:

......................... Installation ......................... .........................Process .........................

  • ​​​Imagine if all road base foundations were strong enough to ward off how water adversely affects roads.
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Santa Teresita Drive Recycled Road FDR Project Video​

​​​…Lithified Technology not only produced a superior quality road, but it significantly reduced the construction time and cost…” Mayor Javier Perea, Sunland Park, NM

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Senator & House Representative See LithTec™ Installed in Utah Roads

​​​Utah Senator & House Representative Interviewed share their experience and opinions from the installation of New LithTec™ Road

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Inspector & Crew Member Report LithTec™ Road Advantages as Independent Geotech Report

Bob Perry Public Works Director reports his Economical Solution plus his Installation Experience in Archuleta County, Colorado

Inspection of LithTec™  Haul Road going on year 7

  • No Cracks, No Ruts, No Pot Holes - No Problem

After 6 Years of heavy duty traffic, Optimized Quarry Base keeps Haul Road running STRONG and maintenance-free

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Cost Effective Road Reconstruction is Here in a Simple Brief Message

Dr. Gilles Bussod Reports 1st year of Testing LithTec™ on Roads by Los Alamos National Labs

Dr. Gilles Bussod Reports on all 4 years of LithTec™ Testing by Los Alamos National Labs

Encapsulate Tailings in Mining Road Environmental

Introducción de 3 minutos de LithTec en Español